Professor David Lewis


Professor Lewis joined Flinders University in 2009 following a 21 year career in industry in the USA and Australia and is the founding Director of the Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology.  This follows a 21 year career in industrial Research at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre in New York, USA and research management roles at SOLA Optical / Carl Zeiss in Australia.


Dr Jonathan Campbell


Materials Scientist with 15+ years’ experience in industry focussed research and product development projects. R&D roles at several research centres including SOLA, Pernod Ricard, Monash, UNSW and Flinders University, where he is now Program Manager in the Flinders Centre of Nanoscale Science and Technology.

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Dr Andrew Blok


Andrew has a background as a research chemist working in the areas of analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and polymer science. He has been involved in a number of projects including the analysis of explosives, chemical sensing and the development of anti-fouling coatings. For the past three years he has focussed on working with small Australian businesses, using his scientific skills to help improve or potentially create new products, business processes and/or technologies.