Until now, the vast majority of ‘Australian’ watches have been made from Chinese materials. And rarely could they be considered ‘premium’. All that has been changed by the Australian Advanced Manufacturing.



Luxury watches


November 20, 2017


Prof David Lewis / Dr Jonathan Campbell / Dr Andrew Blok


The process began in 2014, when Flinders University’s Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology answered the call from Bausele CEO Christophe Hoppe to provide the expertise synonymous with famed Swiss watchmakers for his own Australian wristwatches. The initial research and development was performed by NanoConnect, run by the Flinders University Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology.


What we’ve accomplished:



The new Bausele Terra Australis is the first premium watch to combine precision Swiss engineering with styling inspired by Australia.



The signing of a landmark contract has created a new joint-venture between Flinders University and Bausele to ensure the manufacture and supply of watch components made from a new material, designed and created at Flinders University through an exacting three-year research and development phase.



The new company provides the conduit for exciting new materials research to manifest itself in the commercial marketplace - and it shows where we can develop further from here.

The Terra Australis is the timepiece I always wanted to make. It would have been easier to design such a watch and have it manufactured offshore, but I wanted to create something that was both innovative and uniquely Australian.
— Christo Hoppe - Founder of Bausele