We aim to make manufacturing in Australia accessible to a great number of businesses. We have the creative talent, the problem solving capacity, and the research infrastructure to support you in the execution of your project.


Our Beginning

The Australian Advanced Manufacturing Pty Ltd is the result of three years of intensive research and development between Flinders University’s Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology and Bausele, resulting in the creation of a jointly-owned company to produce a high value component for commercial use. Our goal is to share this successful development with a large number of Australian companies wanting to produce and keep manufacturing local.


It’s a significant accomplishment that watch components are being produced here, signalling a major step forward and a powerful statement about our delivery of elite engineering.

— Dr Jonathan Campbell


The Bauselite innovation is a star feature of Bausele’s new Terra Australis watch design, heralded as the first world-class timepiece ever made from parts designed and crafted in Australia. Bauselite is a lightweight material that is similar to ceramic, but it enables more accurate modelling and suffers less shrinkage than common ceramics used in watch manufacture. The manufacturing process is also more environmentally friendly because it yields less wastage.

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Our Mission

To provide small and medium sized businesses in Australia with a solid manufacturing partner that can help them proof a concept by creating samples locally, help them bring back manufacturing from overseas,  simply improve their manufacturing processes or all of the above.


The Facts

There is a real opportunity for Australia to be ranked in the world’s top advanced manufacturing countries thanks to its high qualified and productive workforce. 

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